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Transoranje School non-profit company has been managing the fundraising for Transoranje School for the Deaf since 2000. The vision and Transoranje NPCs’ purpose is outlined in our vision and mission:


Fundraising for the promotion of educational institution (Transoranje School for the Deaf)


To raise funds and get donations through fundraising projects, proposals and requests. Transoranje School for the Deaf uses the funds to improve the education of the learners. The training and well-being of learners are of utmost importance to Transoranje.

Transoranje School NPC is a platform that helps structure social responsibility efforts. It is available to companies, individuals, trusts and foundations. They can contribute to a worthy cause in one of these structured ways:

  • Cash donations
  • Grants
  • Donation of products
  • Donation of services
  • Company/community social responsibility projects
  • Interaction with the learners

A section 18A tax-deductible receipt for cash donations and a B-BBEE confirmation are available on request.

The NPC consists of four directors (with no benefits), one executive officer. The Business Development Manager is Mrs Alta Koekemoer and her Assistant is Mrs Steyn.

Xmas Market 2017

Our Story

For 21 years, the Transoranje Christmas Market has been a physical market. The market ran for 2 weeks in December.

People from all over visited the market to do their Christmas shopping.

The market was so popular in the past because it kept up with the new trends.

We are moving with the times again by going online.

Why Online Shopping?

  • No more standing in long lines to buy your products
  • Shop from the comfort of your own home
  • Get your order delivered to your home in 7 working days
  • Get gifts delivered directly to the intended recipient
  • Deliver a birthday present directly to family or friends

Why is this better for the Vendor?

  • The market is accessible to talented South Africans to showcase their products
  • You can trade the whole year round
  • Save on transport costs
  • No setup and breakdown of stalls
  • No stress about stock shortages and losses on market days
  • You can work from your home in your own time
Transoranje Skool vir Dowes

Transoranje School for the Deaf


Transoranje School for the Deaf empowers hearing impaired learners. Our vision is to help learners to develop into self-sufficient, productive and self-supporting individuals.

Children from as young as 3 years old are admitted having access to specialised educators and therapists.

Approximately 200 learners with severe hearing disabilities are taught to develop formal communication techniques in Afrikaans, English and South African Sign Language. We provide quality education and training to optimise learner potential.

The Transoranje School follows the curriculums of the Gauteng Department of Education for primary and secondary education up to and including grade 12. Matriculants who pass obtain an NSC endorsed five-subject certificate.

The school facilitates access to employment opportunities for qualified learners.


Our vision is to help learners to develop into self-sufficient, productive and self-supporting individuals.

School Sport

Our children are enthusiastic participants in organised sport

The popular ones are:

  • Rugby
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Soccer
  • Chess

School 64th Birthday

Transoranje School celebrated its 64th birthday in June 2018.


School Culture

The Sign Language choir has become known for performing with well-known artists.

They perform regularly at churches and functions.

In July 2018 they staged the “Sound of Silence” concert with “Touch of Class”.

Various musical productions have already been staged, and international concert tours have taken place, to Argentina in 2005, South Korea in 2007, and Turkey in 2010.

Choir with performers
choir 2
Choir on stage