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Tea tree, Arnica, Plain bath soap

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Three individually wrapped bath soaps: Tea Tree, Arnica, and Plain.

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1 x Tea Tree Bath Soap: recipe includes tea tree essential oil with moringa powder. Colour is pastel green, with tea tree aroma. Minimum weight: 60g. 1 x Arnica Bath Soap: recipe includes arnica oil and curry powder. Colour is speckled beige, with feint arnica aroma. Minimum weight: 60g. 1 x Plain Bath Soap: only the main ingredients are in this soap. Colour is light beige, with neutral aroma. Minimum weight is 60g. Main Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil & palm oil. Additional ingredients mentioned above. Each paper wrapped soap is shrink wrapped for protection. As they contain only natural ingredients, the soaps are to be used within six months of purchase.
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